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Eletto Uno Ultimate Flat Gloves

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The Eletto Ultimate soccer goalie gloves are a high-quality goalkeeper glove designed to provide superior protection, grip, and comfort for soccer goalies. These gloves are made from a combination of durable materials, including latex, neoprene, and spandex, which provide excellent grip, flexibility, and breathability.

The palm of the gloves is made from 4mm German latex foam, which offers superior grip and shock absorption, ensuring that goalkeepers can comfortably handle any type of shot. The fingers are designed with a roll-finger cut, which provides extra latex material in the areas where goalkeepers need the most grip and control.

The gloves feature a neoprene wristband with a velcro strap, which provides a secure and comfortable fit, while also allowing for easy adjustment. The backhand of the gloves is made from breathable spandex, which helps keep the hands cool and dry, even during intense matches.